Golf Betting Guide VA

Golf has always had a solid following and is a fun and relaxing way to watch sports for many diehard and casual golf fans. The rise in sports betting has done wonders for the entirety of the sports world, and golf is no different.

Golf is one of the main constants in the sports calendar. If you really want to bet on golf this weekend, there is a good chance you will be able to find a way to do it. Even if the event you care about is not happening anytime soon, plenty of online sportsbooks will offer futures odds to bet on for the biggest events like the four Majors of golf.

A common betting type that is on the rise in all sports including golf is live golf betting. Bettors no longer have to get their wagers in before the action gets started. They now have the ability to bet on live golf tournaments while they are going on. With the increase in golf events, sports betting and technology, sportsbooks are getting creative in live bet wagers, which can be a fun way to try and earn a profit betting on golf.

How to bet on golf in Virginia

In most major sports, there is typically not a huge variety of options to choose from when you’re deciding what angle to bet on a particular event. However, golf opportunities are endless with a ton of variety on how sports bettors can place their wager. Betting on golf can take some getting used to as there is a lot involved with it. Just like with anything, the more you are acclimated to learning something new, the easier it will get over time.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular bets that can be made when wagering on golf.

  • To win: In this one, bettors are betting on the individual they choose to win the event. Sports bettors can usually choose anybody in the field, whether it’s a favorite or a longshot competitor.
  • Versus the field: Sometimes sportsbooks will offer the best individual golfer or a group of elite competitors versus the rest of the competition. You would get to decide whether the rest of the golfers have a better chance to win as compared to a select individual or individuals.
  • Head to head: Bettors can look at individual matchups and decide which golfer will have a better score compared to another.
  • Each way: Bettors can choose a golfer not necessarily to win but at least finish within a certain number of competitors.
  • First-round leader: Instead of betting on the champion of the whole tournament, bettors may elect to wager on who will be leading after the first round of competition, as many events last four rounds.
  • Top 10, 20, etc.: Bettors may wager on particular golfers to finish within whatever the number is offered by the sportsbook.
  • Matchups: Sportsbooks will take two golfers and set each of them with odds, and bettors get to wager on which they think will do the best.
  • Group matchups: Instead of individual matchups, sportsbooks will place multiple golfers into groups and bettors may choose to wager on which group of golfers will have the best performance.
  • Nationality: Bettors may choose to wager on the best golfer from each nationality like who the top American golfer will be in the event.

Try a few and see what works for you. Developing areas you understand well can be key to sustainable betting success.

Understanding golf betting odds

No matter what sport you’re betting on, understanding the odds is item No. 1 to learn before getting into it.

A popular way to bet on golfers is strictly deciding who will win a particular event. When analyzing the betting board, it might look something like this:

  • Jon Rahm +1000
  • Xander Schauffele +1100
  • Rory McIlroy +1200
  • Justin Thomas +1400
  • Collin Morikawa +1600

This would go on through the last golfer in the field, though those would be major longshots.

However, the further down the board you go, the higher the payout would be. If you decide to bet on the favorite, there would be a higher chance of winning with a lesser payout.

Golf betting tips

There are plenty of ways to go about making money with the variety of golf wagers the sport has to offer, but here are some keys that might help get you started before you place a bet on the next golf event.

  • Find your niche. Becoming an expert on one particular topic can be a significant boost to your betting ventures, and this could include getting to know a little more about the smaller events that might not have as many eyeballs on them.
  • Use bets like Top 10. This can oftentimes payout fairly good value, whereas choosing the winner of the event can be incredibly difficult to do especially on a consistent basis.
  • Study the golfers and courses. Some courses are designed better for particular golfers. If a particular course suits the strength of a golfer, that competitor might have some value as you analyze the betting board.

Live betting on golf from a phone app

Live betting continues to play a significant role in the sports gambling industry and with the length of a typical golf tournament, live betting plays a major role when wagering on golf. With four full days’ worth of action, plenty of live betting can be done in real-time as the event is taking place. Sportsbooks move the golf betting lines fairly quickly during an event, so bettors need to be at the ready and make their wagers quickly before the numbers move against them.

Some popular live betting options include how well a golfer might do on the next hole or which golfer will perform the best on the upcoming hole between two competitors in a matchup bet.

Live betting golf can be done online or by using the sports betting app of your favorite sportsbook.

Golf futures betting 

While there are odds listings for plenty of golf action each weekend throughout the year, only a select few events will have futures odds nearly all year round for bettors to bet on an event that is months away from even getting started.

  • Majors: The four Majors are almost always featured on futures markets for bettors to place their wagers.
  • Ryder Cup: Every other year, the United States will compete against Europe for the Ryder Cup. Oftentimes, futures odds will be available for bettors.
  • Special events: Occasionally, there will be a fun golf match available for the public to check out, whether it be the best golfers in the sport going head to head or pairing celebrities with other golfers. Because this is more of a spectacle than an important sporting event, sportsbooks get creative in offering futures betting.

Winning a futures bet is often a fairly significant payout, though it is a very difficult task especially when there are so many other potential winners in the field.

Golf prop betting

While not as extravagant as prop betting the Super Bowl, golf has a variety of prop bets available as well. Prop bets are typically wagers on the side during the event.

Some common prop bets might look something like this:

  • Will there be a playoff round?
  • How many birdies will be shot on the first hole?
  • What will the winning margin be for the winner?

Prop betting can be an entertaining way to wager on golf, which has a ton of props to choose from.

Betting on golf’s major tournaments

Golf has four tournaments each year that are more important than any of the others, and they are referred to as Majors. The four Majors include the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship.

Here is some additional information on each of the four Majors.

The Masters

The Masters is the most popular of all the golf events on the PGA Tour, and it is usually the first major of the year. In a normal year, the Masters typically take place on the second Sunday of April.

Previous winners include Tiger Woods, Patrick Reed, Sergio  García, Danny Willett, and Jordan Spieth. Jack Nicklaus remains the all-time leader in wins at the Masters with six victories, and Woods remains one behind him with five wins at the Masters. The prize pool for the winner reached an all-time high in 2019 with a total of $11.5 million handed out.

The Masters is held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

US Open

The U.S. Open is typically held in June and is now the third Major on the schedule moving forward.

Past winners of the U.S. Open include Bryson DeChambeau, Gary Woodland, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, and Jordan Spieth. Nicklaus holds the record for the most U.S. Opens won with four, though he is tied with Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, and Ben Hogan. The U.S. Open handed out a $12.5 million purse at its 2020 event.

The U.S. Open travels around to different places, and locations are announced years in advance.

The British Open

The British Open is also referred to as the Open Championship or The Open, but it is held in July most years, making it the final Major of the year.

Past winners of the British Open include Shane Lowry, Francesco Molinari, Jordan Spieth, Henrik Stenson, and Zach Johnson. Harry Vardon is the all-time leader in British Open victories with six in his career. In 2019, the prize pool for the British Open came out to $10.75 million.

The British Open travels around to different places, and locations are announced years in advance.

PGA Championship

The PGA Championship was generally the final Major of the year and concluded in August, but the PGA Championship was recently moved to May, and that appears to be the plan moving forward.

Past winners of the PGA Championship include Collin Morikawa, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, and Jimmy Walker. Nicklaus and Walter Hagen each have the most PGA Championship victories with five each.

The PGA Championship moves locations and does not have one specific course each year.

Free golf bets & new customer offers

Some sportsbooks may run promotions around popular sporting events such as golf Majors like the Masters. Sometimes free bets come as a bonus or promo code when you sign up for your new sportsbook. Occasionally sportsbooks will also do this for their existing customers to keep them engaged and using their app or website.

Whether you are new to sports betting or an experienced gambler, always check to see the latest offerings and bonuses sportsbooks are sending out because who doesn’t like betting without much risk?

How can I watch golf online?

Any golf event takes a ton of time. It’s unlikely many people can sit in front of the TV for four consecutive days, but being able to watch online makes it easier.

Plenty of live streams are available online and can be found by entering the information for your TV provider to stream events on your device. Some sportsbooks have the option to live stream from their apps themselves. If the sportsbook offers something like that, great. If not, check out the golf organization’s official website for information on how to stream the event.

Golf betting rules for VA sportsbooks

Always check your sportsbook for its official rules, but here are a few the popular sportsbook FanDuel abides by.

  • Where there is a presentation ceremony, markets will be settled on the official result of the relevant governing body at the time of the ceremony, regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result.
  • If a tournament is shortened and FanDuel Sportsbook settles the tournament markets then all bets matched after the last completed round will be void.

Any player starting a tournament but withdrawing or being disqualified before the end of the tournament will be settled as a loser.